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Check out this year's conference!

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The website for this year's conference is


What is Agile Games?

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The Agile Games Conference is an annual event hosted by Agile New England in Cambridge, Massachusetts which is meant to be an immersive exploration of some of the more interesting, playful, and fun concepts behind Agile Software Development. After all, work is important, we should be able to have fun while doing it.

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Pictures and Videos from 2012 Conference

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Thank you all for making this event a huge success. This conference relied heavily on the attendees to add content and bring us the games they wanted to see come to life, and they did in spades. We got great feedback from everyone, and we're grateful for that, too.

You can continue to follow us and contribute to the movement in the Agile Games forums on the Agile New England website. To participate in the forums, you must be logged in, as only registered members can access them.

You can also keep in touch by following and using the hash tag #AgileGames on Twitter.

Proceedings from the Open Space held on Saturday are available for download as a PDF.

Click on the "Read More" link to see the pictures and videos.

Read more: Pictures and Videos from 2012 Conference

Brian Bozzuto and Gloria Shepardson

An Invitation from Our Co-Chairs

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We would like to personally invite you to the Agile Games 2012 Conference. A unique event in the Boston area, the third annual Agile Games promises to deliver even more opportunities to learn, play and network with other Agilists.

As the name implies, we will certainly be featuring sessions on games, play and at least one session with LEGO(R) bricks. But this year we intend to go beyond those pragmatics to explore related concepts. To that end, we've expanded our offerings to include novel techniques presented by global leaders.

Come join us learn how theatre applies to software development, how techniques to preserve dying languages further learning, and how software feedback develops our cognitive skills!


Put New Concepts into Practice

One of the greatest parts of the conference is the synergy between our attendees as they share their challenges, experiences and techniques with others. As you prepare to attend this year's conference, we invite you to take some time to reflect upon what challenges you may be facing or ideas you would like to explore. Our games sessions on the 2nd day will offer ample time to try out a technique you've been wanting to use or explore a problem you've been trying to confront in our clinic among a group of similarly minded professionals. We sincerely hope that all attendees, in addition to participating, will also be contributors to the conference.

Learn! Share! Play!

Agile Games is an intimate conference that allows each attendee to interact closely with industry experts, put ideas into practice, and share lessons learned in a safe, fun environment that maximizes participation and group involvement. Agile Games is a blend of deep dive sessions, practitioner sessions and an open space which allows for mutual learning and participation by all attendees regardless of level of expertise.

We hope you're as excited as we are about this year's Agile Games 2012. We look forward to seeing and interacting with you April 19-21st!

Brian Bozzuto and Gloria Shepardson