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Top 10 Reasons to Attend Agile Games 2012

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10. With a bunch of new games and internationally renowned presenters, Agile Games 2012 promises to be our BIGGEST and BEST event, yet!


9. Michael Sahota, our Agile keynote speaker is also an expert in Lean and LEGOS !


8. The world renowned Mad Scientist, Dr. Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan, will share his secrets for sensational simulations!


7. McGreal & McCullough will teach you how to create your own McGreat games! 


6. Evening reception has a limited time only open bar.


5. One large  O   p   e  n    S   p  a  c   e .... 'nuff said. 


4. All your friends will be there! 


3. You'll make new friends


2. You'll learn cool stuff. 


AND ...


1. You'll hate yourself in the morning, if you miss it! 

2012 Program Announced

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We're very excited to share with you the content for this year's conference.

The conference begins with a keynote from Michael Sahota, who will map out the pantheon of Agile Games, how they fit together, and how they can help an Agile champion succeed.

Following the keynote, our five deep dive sessions will offer a blend of some really exciting concepts from new speakers, as well as an outstanding session from a prior years. The deep dive sessions to select from include:

We'll end the first day down the street at Mead Hall for a reception offering people an opportunities to continue discussions started during the day and make new acquaintances. 

Our 2nd day begins with a keynote address (Advice from an Oxymoron) from Dr. Sivasailam Thiagarajan, Ph. D., (aka Thiagi) a renowned expert in producing performance based training well beyond the Agile community. After that we'll begin to put you in the driver's seat with our open game session. This will be a blend of featured games submitted in advance, just in time proposals for games to play as well as development of entirely new games that began in the first day of the conference. Our sincere goal is to put all participants into a position where they can facilitate sessions and get feedback from a supportive group.

As the 2nd day begins to put you in control, the 3rd day completes the transition as we move to an open space hosted by Richard Kasperowski, who has been using Open Space systems to drive major strategic initiatives at Nokia. He will share some insights of his about this technique and help convene a space for you to continue developing new games, practice techniques, and reflect on the event. Hosted on the 10th & 11th floor of the Microsoft NERD Center, the unique space and engaging audience will provide for a memorable space that demonstrates the power of this technique.
We look forward to seeing you in April! You can read more detailed information about sessions and the conference structure here.

2011 Event Videos

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Thanks to everyone for helping to make our 2011 conference great. We're collecting video clips from the conference and will be posting them here when they're ready. For now, we hope you enjoy this promotional video summarizing the event.

Agile Games Promo.

You can also watch videos of the 2011 conference keynote addresses: