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Concentration and Deep Listening

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Deep dive session facilitated by  Lee Devin

It’s easy to suppose that concentration is a gift from the gods: some people have it (lucky ducks!); more people (us mortals.) don’t.

Not so!

Concentration is a skill that anyone can learn, practice, and get good at. And we all know that the person who can apply the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair and maintain total attention will walk away with the marbles at the end of the meeting.

How can you learn to do this? Come to the Deep Dive on Concentration and Deep Listening. It’s very simple, Concentration, though by no means easy. And it leads to Deep Listening: listening with your whole self, not just your ears, so that you can understand the content, but also replicate it in your body/mind (and thus understand, because you’ve done it yourself) the underlying action of your interlocutor. In the theatre that underlying action is called the “sub-text.” This difference between content and action forms the heart of modern drama. Learning and practicing to apprehend and respond to both content (what your friend says) and action (why s/he says it, what s/he hopes to gain) will be of enormous value in collaboration; it is, in fact, collaboration’s very soul. In the Deep Dive you’ll play some games, based on modern acting practice, in a sequence designed to introduce you to experience and practice in the skills and pleasures of concentration and listening.