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Lee Devin

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Lee Devin is a Senior Consultant in the Innovation practice at the Cutter Consortium, for whom he wrote "An Innovative Frame of Mind" and "Planning to Get Lucky."  He has taught many workshops at Agile meetings, Scrum gatherings, and software conferences and has collaborated on various projects with Stacia Viscardi and Lyssa Adkins.

Lee taught theatre while doing a PhD at Indiana University (1958-62), then at the University of Virginia (1962-66), Vassar College (1966-70), and Swarthmore College (1970-2002).

He's an Equity actor and has played leading roles in productions from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams. He has a residuals check from SAG in the amount of $0.01, to commemorate a brilliant movie career.

With Rob Austin of the Copenhagen Business School he wrote Artful Making; What Managers Need to Know about How Artists Work, published in 2003. Their next book, The Soul of Design, about the aesthetics of special things (gadgets that are better somehow than the sum of their parts would lead you to believe), is in press at Stanford and will appear in September of 2012. He and Rob have written numerous articles, including "Ooops," which appeared in the Wall Street Journal.  He's the Senior Dramaturg at People’s Light and Theatre and currently at work on writing projects that interfere with his trout fishing, and cause him to neglect his grandchildren.