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The conference program is now available. We begin with a fairly structured first day. Following the keynote address, we offer an opportunity to dive deep into a topic of your choice and build some skills. Moving to the second day, there is another keynote address and then we incorporate more content from the community with our game tournament and hands on clinics. The third day is entirely participant driven agenda using open space systems.

While we don't expect profound changes, some things like precise timings or topics may change a little. We'll be sure to keep this page up to date if anything does change.

NOTE: Proceedings from the Open Space held on Saturday are available for download as a PDF.

Day 1 - Thursday, April 19th

Keynote:  Michael SahotaA Guided Tour to Games at Work - How to Play for the Win

Deep Dive Sessions

The deep dive sessions will run for the better part of the day and allow participants to explore a single topic with a level of depth uncommon for a conference. There are five deep dive sessions to choose from:

Evening Reception  

Join us for food and drink at the Meade Hall in Cambridge Center near Kendall Square it will be a great opportunity to network and relax after a long day.

Day 2 - Friday, April 20th

Keynote: Dr. Sivasailam "Thiagi" ThiagarajanAdvice from an Oxymoron     Jolts presentation    Six Tiles: Brain teasers presentation    Word Puzzles

Open Game Session

The open game session will consist of three different things. First, we will be featuring a few games submitted in advance in response to our call for games (Learn more about our call for games). Second, participants will have the option to propose a game during the conference, it may be theirs or someone else's, new or a classic; the point will be to provide a venue for people to propose games and play them with their peers. Third, we'll be providing space to allow people to continue to develop and play games coming out of the "game incubator" in the first day. We'll have evaluations for all games so that we can recognize the truly outstanding contributions and also provide meaningful feedback to those people who facilitate game sessions.

Day 3 - Saturday, April 21st

Open Space, convened by Richard Kasperowski

NOTE: Proceedings from the Open Space are available for download as a PDF.

Now will be your opportunity to play the role of co-creator and innovator. Using Open Space Technology, the entire day will be dedicated to allowing participants to self-organize and build upon their learning at the conference. Open Space allows individuals to tailor the day to whatever it is they are hoping to achieve. Some people will develop new games, some people may build upon games and skills learned at the conference, others will go in entirely new directions.