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What is Agile Games?

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The Agile Games Conference is an annual event hosted by Agile New England in Cambridge, Massachusetts which is meant to be an immersive exploration of some of the more interesting, playful, and fun concepts behind Agile Software Development. After all, work is important, we should be able to have fun while doing it.

With topics such as Innovation Games to help hear a customer's voice, learning games used to save dying languages, coding katasimprov concepts for coaching, and even the use of Legos for facilitating and problem solving, our goal has been to broaden horizons to find powerful and novel concepts people can put into practice.

Practice is a key concept as well. One of our guiding principles has been for sessions to be as interactive as possible, even at one point toying with the idea of a "no powerpoint" rule. Everyone at the conference - attendees, facilitators, and volunteers - is responsible for helping to share their own experience and insights. This is a hands on event. As one of our organizers clearly articulated, our goal is to provide a transformational experience for attendees.

You can see highlights from last year's conference by viewing the posterous feed used for it or see the Promotional Video from last year's conference.