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VersionOneWe Are Agile

VersionOne helped pioneer the agile management tool in 2002 – way before it was the cool thing to do in the software development market. Today we remain the only enterprise software company that has been 100% dedicated to agile life cycle management since day one. Our mission, captured in our tagline Simplifying Software Delivery, is to simplify the process of software delivery via the industry’s most open, comprehensive agile life cycle management platform. From customer engagement to planning and tracking to source code integration, our goal is to help organizations scale their agile initiatives faster, easier, and smarter.

Community Commitment

Since the company’s inception, we have remained committed to our agile community roots – continuing to be the single most active sponsor of and contributor to agile events, conferences, associations, and user groups all over the world. Even back when we did not have the money to assist financially, we have always done what we could for dozens of groups and events through dedicated employee time and marketing promotions. In the last four years alone, we have sponsored and supported more than 100 events. This unique commitment stems directly from our internal mantra of community over commercialization.

Product Leadership

Through the years, our products have been honored with a series of Jolt Awards and industry-wide innovation awards, from organizations such as IT Week and the Technology Association of Georgia. Our consistent delivery of innovative, high-quality products throughout our history has resulted in the most widely deployed agile solutions on the market. Today more than 30,000 software teams in more than 170 countries use our products – from 5-person teams to global software organizations such as Adobe, Dow Chemical, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Novell, Sabre, Symantec, Thomson Reuters, and Wells Fargo.
Integrated support for customer product planning, requirements definition, release and iteration tracking, and defect and test management saves organizations the cost and hassle of purchasing and integrating multiple products. With VersionOne, all project stakeholders – executives, project management, product managers, customers, programmers, and testers – work together in a single, integrated tool for coordinating software delivery plans, priorities, and progress. More than 50 pre-packaged best-practice agile metrics, reports, and executive dashboards deliver unparalleled visibility.