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Advice from an Oxymoron

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Day 2 Keynote Address by Dr. Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan

What is alive in you?

To help people learn effectively and enjoyably. To design interactive training faster, cheaper, and better.

What will my session be about?

My session comes in two parts: During the first part, I use a series of fast-paced jolts (experiential training activities that last for less than 3 minutes and teach you the meaning of life) to wake you up and keep you engaged. During the second part, I make a seriously playful pitch for your becoming an oxymoron. I recommend (and demonstrate) artificial schizophrenia as a desirable mental state for increasing and improving your agility.

Who might be interested in my session?

Anyone who wants to become more active and agile in software design, training design, South Indian cooking, and metacognition.

Most interesting idea I heard recently?

“Being invited to make a keynote presentation is a kiss of death. Only folks who have nothing useful or practical to contribute are asked to make keynote presentations.” I hope I am an exception to this rule.

Purest expression of agility?

As I said before: The ability to combine design, delivery, and application in a simple, single, seamless act.