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Michael McCullough

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Michael McCullough is Executive Technical Director with Quadrus based in Calgary Alberta Canada. Michael is an experienced Consultant, Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Master, Certified PMP, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Instructor.

Michael provides expert guidance, training and services to small, medium and large organizations for the introduction and adoption of Agile and Lean approaches with high effectiveness and efficiency. In addition Michael works with individual teams to apply advanced techniques including Agile and Lean approaches for product development. Michael works with both executives and product teams to ensure strategy and business objectives are fully aligned with tactics and technology.

Michael does public speaking across North America on topics relating to Agile, Business Optimization and IT Alignment, Project Management and Team Dynamics.

What is alive in you?
A passion for improving my mind, body and spirit.

What will your Agile Games 2011 session be about?
Come join Don & Mike from and try your hand at creating some brand new, fun, and valuable games for communicating complex Agile topics. Come prepared with your own game concepts, topics of interest or join in on others'.
Mike & Don will kick things off introducing their approach to game development and facilitate a group discussion around best practices of game development and game execution. Teams will then form around topics to follow a set of simple steps in creating the ultimate Agile game!

Who might be particularly interested in attending your session?
Do you have a passion for experiential learning?
Do you use games as a learning tool, but haven't found the right game for a particular topic?
Are you interested in what it takes to design a game from scratch?
If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then this session is for you.
or Trainers, coaches, Scrum Masters and leads on Agile teams. People who like to have fun.

What is the most interesting idea you have heard recently?
We decide within ourselves how we will react to people and events around us.

What is the purest expression of agility you have ever witnessed?
Still looking for this.