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Pictures and Videos from 2012 Conference

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Thank you all for making this event a huge success. This conference relied heavily on the attendees to add content and bring us the games they wanted to see come to life, and they did in spades. We got great feedback from everyone, and we're grateful for that, too.

You can continue to follow us and contribute to the movement in the Agile Games forums on the Agile New England website. To participate in the forums, you must be logged in, as only registered members can access them.

You can also keep in touch by following and using the hash tag #AgileGames on Twitter.

Proceedings from the Open Space held on Saturday are available for download as a PDF.

Click on the "Read More" link to see the pictures and videos.



  • Keynote with Michael Sahota
  • Accelerated Team Learning and "Language Hunting" with Willem Larsen
  • Agile Game Incubator with Don McGreal and Michael McCullough
  • Concentration and Deep Listening with Lee Devin
  • String Speak with Frank Saucier
  • Color Blind/ACDC with Ed Broadwin, William Yoder, and Frederick Lussier



  • Keynote with Thiagi
  • Agile Lego Games with Conrad Benham
  • Closing



  • Open Space opening with Richard Kasperowski
  • Deep Dive: Self Management: Games with Motion with Richard Kasperowski
  • Snowflakes with Andre Dhondt
  • Airplanes with Brian Bozzuto
  • Marshmallow Challenge with David Koontz
  • Convincing Your Boss To Go Agile with Jason Kittredge
  • Short Games No Props with Andre Dhondt
  • Language Hunting (last chance!) with Willem Larsen
  • Tasty Cupcapes with Silvana Wasitova
  • Lean Workflow Design with Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
  • Closing



  • Volunteers
  • Walkabout
  • Other Pictures and Videos


If you have any other photographs or videos you would like to include, please send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .