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Scrum Alliance

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Who is the Scrum Alliance?

The Scrum Alliance is a not-for-profit professional membership organization created to share the Scrum framework and transform the world of work. (Learn more about Scrum.)

The Scrum Alliance's mission is to increase awareness and understanding of Scrum, provide resources to individuals and organizations using Scrum, and promote the iterative improvement necessary to succeed with Scrum. The Scrum Alliance hosts Scrum Gatherings and supports Scrum User Groups, providing a forum for interactive learning throughout the world.

Watch the videos below to find out more about the Scrum Alliance, get a glimpse into our Gatherings and User Groups, find out how the Scrum Alliance uses Open Space, and see how Scrum is used in universities. The videos also provide more information about our latest certification and training programs and demonstrate our use of Innovation Games to get community feedback.

Agile Alliance

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What is the Alliance?

The Agile Alliance is a nonprofit organization with global membership, committed to advancing Agile development principles and practices. We believe that Agile approaches deliver higher value faster, and make the software industry more productive, humane, and sustainable.

Alliance Programs

Much of the work of the Agile Alliance takes place within the context of programs proposed by our members. Among these is the ongoing program of translating the Agile Manifesto into as many languages as possible. Members are invited to explore existing programs or propose new ones.

Learn More about how you can contribute »

IBM Rational

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IBM Rational software helps you drive greater value from your software investments and deliver innovative products and services. It enables organizations to seize business opportunities, achieve precision in desired business outcomes, and execute with reduced risk and cost. Explore products by category or see the products A-Z list. Get Rational support.


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BigVisible is an Agile services company. We specialize in educating, mentoring and enabling organizations to capitalize on the latest in Agile software development principles and practices. We'll help you adopt Agile best practices within your enterprise for measurable, sustainable results.

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